As a benefit for the industry and to fill the skill gaps in the industry, and for identifying the capable candidates with knowledge by the Organizations, CII has initiated to provide the knowledge base for the candidates. As an outcome of the learning, CII also provides the certification for those who outsmart by qualifying based on the body of knowledge judgement. In this remarks, CII- Institute of Logistics under the training department, provides currently two identical certifications and one of its kind in India.

1. SCM Pro

          This certification is for middle level Management professionals and above. SCM Pro is well recognized across Indian Industry. The professionals who has acquired SCM Pro certification has demonstrated strong learning, results and have added valuable contribution to the organization they work.


       This certification is for entrants into the industry and for the college freshers. SCM EXE is designed in such a way to educate the basics of Supply Chain to make them understand as how the Supply Chain system works in organization. This helps them to get prepared before they enter in any organizations.