Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are the benefits of doing SCM PRO / SCM EXE certification?

  • With a history of 120 years and being the biggest industrial association of India, Certificate from CII is highly valued in the industry.
  • Value addition to your CV
  • Self-recognition in the industry with the HR’s, Placement officers and Senior Mangers
  • Your skills are evaluated by a neutral body.
  • Knowledge enhancement
  1. Are there any contact classes?

  • No
  • The participant will be provided with 3 modes of study- Book(s), recorded video lectures, power point presentation
  1. Do you conduct classes / workshops?

  • Yes-a doubt clarification session for one day at your premises, only if there is a batch size is more than 20 participants for Industry / 25 participants in case of college students.
  1. Which certification is manageable / passable by me?

  • For less than 3+ years of experience, please appear SCM EXE.
  • For 3+ years of experience professionals, kindly self-evaluate yourself by attending the quiz and based on the results you shall decide yourself as which one to select.
  • Quiz / Self-assessment Link –
  1. What is the course content?

  1. What is the difference between SCMPRO and SCM EXE in terms of exam and content?

  • For both the content wise it is almost the same, but the toughness level of the exam varies. SCM EXE will be with more straight forward questions, whereas for SCM PRO practical experience would be required at instances to answer.
  • SCM EXE is for fresher’s & experienced, MBA graduates, junior level professionals and for those who aspire to enter into Supply Chain Management
  • SCM PRO is for middle and senior level management people, who are interested in strengthening their knowledge base.
  1. What is the expiry of SCM PRO and SCM EXE?

    1. SCM PRO- comes with a validity of 4 years. Renewal process is a points based system, which will be shared after completion of the certificate.
    2. SCM EXE comes with a validity of 3 years, and after that the candidate will be eligible to upgrade to SCM PRO.
  2. How long it take to prepare?

  • It is based on the pace of the individual’s learning, the time to prepare differs. Based on our past experiences, SCM EXE- 1 full month of preparation with a daily spend of 1-2hrs required. SCM PRO- 2 months with daily 1-2hrs preparation
  1. Do you guarantee /assist in placement opportunities?

  • No
  • We do not provide, guarantee or assist in any kind of placement or job opportunities