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Virtual Certificate Programme in
Supply Chain & Logistics Leadership
03 July - 7 August 2021 (Every Saturday) | CII Digital Platform

The world economic order landscape is transforming with unprecedented changes triggered by pandemic. VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world necessitates Logistics and Supply chain leaders to increasingly focus on data driven decisions. Emerging technologies implementation in supply chains and logistics services is resulting in volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Good data governance ensures data has attributes that can allow organization to compete, drive revenues and manage risks. More importantly it offers great potential to unlock value in the supply chains.

This program is designed for executives who are about to start their journey in digital supply chain organizations and who had a head start in such projects as well.

    Learning objectives
  • Grasp post-pandemic supply chains characteristics
  • Review core principles in supply chain management
  • Develop supply chain analytics foundation
  • Create value through digital supply chain models
Program Highlights:

Module 1: Revisiting core supply chain principles for change [12 hrs.]
Week Hrs Session Topics Faculty
1 4 1 Big changes in global supply chains Prof Arshinder Kaur
2 Examining impact on cost, quality, and profits Mr R Sridhar
2 4 3 Core statistical methods for problem solving Prof Nandan Sudarsanam
4 Applications of operations research tools in post-pandemic supply chains Prof Usha Mohan
3 4 5 Analytics and its applications for Logistics and supply chains Prof Rahul R Marathe
6 Using value stream mapping in Logistics and supply chains Prof Arshinder Kaur

Module 2: Probing evolutionary supply chain designs [12 hrs.]
Week Hrs Session Topics Faculty
4 4 7 Supply chain risks and decision frameworks Prof. Usha Mohan
8 Distribution logistics optimization models Prof. C Rajendran
5 4 9 Challenges in supply chain integration Prof. R K Amit
10 Emerging technologies for supply chain integration Prof. R K Amit
6 4 11 Artificial intelligence in manufacturing and supply chains Prof. Nandan Sudarsanam
12 Creating value through data governance (cost, quality, and profits Prof. R K Amit